The content on this site is here to spark conversation and inspire new directions. Projects represent the next level of this vision in which this conversation comes to life through concrete endeavors.

Here are few examples of project ideas:

Digital Opportunity Labs – Placing outposts of opportunity in communities cut-off from the digital world, teaching children and young people skills that empower them to build a new future. DOLs consist of rooms with open-source loaded computers. STEM professionals mentor teenager and young adults on math, logic, programming, data science, engineering and theology. Each room community enhance their learning by pursuing 6 to 12 month long projects that serve their surrounding community. The aim is to form creative compassionate problem-solvers that are ready to join the work force and make a difference in the world.

Daily Office 2.0 – Develop a fully interactive devotional app thatĀ incorporates readings from all major sections of Scripture, along with prayers, biographies and news for intercession. This about getting the Book Common Prayer to the 21st century without losing its beauty and inspiration.

Church Growth Explanatory Model – Train a predictive statistical model to identify the main variables influencing congregational growth in different context. This could provide valuable insight to church leaders as they devise church planting, growth and health strategies.

Doing Theology with Legos Course – DevelopĀ a foundational course to teach clergy and lay leaders to do theology within their surrounding context.

Check back here for more details and opportunities to get involved.