The Conversation

The Conversation

This site was envisioned to start a conversation between Christianity and technology, envisioning the possibilities of doing theology in an AI world. This exercise does not accepts the inevitability of technological advance in resignation or protest. Instead, it sees it as a starting point for imagining a future that resembles the visions revealed in the Judeo-Christian tradition. In doing so, we seek to challenge established mental models with narratives that point to a future to come. AI is the future but is already here just like Christianity is God’s future kingdom present in the now.

Artificial Intelligence is such a vast topic that can easily overwhelm us. For a good introduction, check out the Baseline Knowledge page that offers a solid introduction. The page is divided into topics so you can go directly to the areas you have most interest in. This extensive primer touches on technical, philosophical and recent applications of AI in business and government. The resources section points to other sites that are relevant to AI topics. Also, come back often for the blog page where we reflect on trends and events related to AI from a theological perspective.

Yet, a conversation must not be devoid of action. For if we are to explore possibilities, we must experiment with them in real life. Christianity is not just abstract ideals that gives us a good felling, it comes alive in the action of its believers. For that, look in our projects from some actual applications of this conversation. This is where you can find some concrete examples of how all this reflection is translating into concrete examples that seek embody Christianity using the tools of technology.

Finally, we invite you to enter this conversation with your thoughts, comments and ideas. You are welcome to leave comments directly on blog pages. For general comments and inquiries, go to contact us where you can find different avenues for communicating with us.