Short Bio

Short Bio


I am foremost a child of God redeemed and a participant in the company of the Crucified. There my identity begins and finds its fullest expression. Nothing can be achieved to improve on this undeserved gift. In this journey I am daily re-oriented towards the path of humble transformation. Some days I heed the call faithfully, other times I fail at it spectacularly.

I was born in Brazil and moved to the United States with my family when I was 15. I am married to the beautiful, full-of-life and mysterious Priscila. She has been my companion, greatest advocate and best friend for the last 19 years. We were gifted with two adorable girls, Sophia and Anna who have happily made our life richer and more chaotic all at once. They continue to teach me how to laugh, play and learn about Disney princesses.

I started my education completing a degree of Political Science from Davidson college. I then have spent over 14 years working for a Fortune 50 company doing finance and marketing analytics. While doing that, I had an opportunity to complete an MBA at Regent University and now more recently a MA in Theology at Fuller seminary. Yes, I like to study. Beyond that we have been involved in different churches doing volunteer ministry for years and occasionally traveling to meet with other brothers sisters in the global church. More recently, I am have found a home in the Anglican church, the only place that could accommodate most of the idiosyncrasies of my spiritual journey.

In my down time, with the generous help of my children, I build beautifully imperfect masterpieces with Legos.