About Us

About Us

AI Theology seeks to apply a thoughtful Christian lens to the promise and peril of Artificial Intelligence.

We accomplish this by following three steps:

  1. Understanding what Artificial Intelligence is and how it will impact our communities
  2. Interacting this knowledge in dialogue with Christian theology in thought and practice
  3. Imagining a new world as an outcome of this contentious dialogue

The outcomes of this process is then shared with Christian citizens so they can pursue their calling equipped with theologically grounded models to transform their communities.

What does that look like? Besides laying the foundation for a dialogue, we seek to showcase, inspire and execute real-life examples of how this can happen. We’ll do that by:

  • Publishing thought-provoking content that analyze issues relevant to AI from a theological perspective.
  • Equipping readers with innovative tools and resources that leverage AI applications to enable holistic ministry to their communities.
  • Cultivating learning communities that can use the potential of AI for God-honoring human flourishing