Waiting for the Great Homecoming

Waiting for the Great Homecoming

Lectionary Reflections for Dec 11, 2016

Is 35:1-10

Ps 146.4-10

Jas 5:7-10

Mat 11:2-11

bosch-baptist2mndc92h-largeJohn the Baptist in the Wilderness

(credit: http://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-save-image.pl)

Vision of a homecoming and vindication for the people of God. Jesus inaugurates this homecoming by fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecies. James calls us to be patient as our redemption is not coming. The homecoming have started yet it is not complete.

This week we witness injustice and tragedy. Corrupt politicians in Brazil trying to change the laws to protect their skins. Young lives wasted in a fire in Oakland. We mourn for lives cut short hoping for the day where death will be no more. We protest for justice, waiting for the time when the powerful will be brought low. We speak up and pray, for the wretched of the earth learn that God is on their side. Yet, we wait patiently as James admonishes us. We strengthen our knees and arms for our salvation at hand inspired by Isaiah. We oscillate between the cry of “how long?” and “not for long.” We wait for the vindication of God’s people.

In the meantime, we invite. People from every nation, ethnicity, race, age – come be part of the people of God. This world is unjust but Salvation is coming. We embody this salvation just like veterans kneeling before native American chiefs to demonstrate in Standing Rock that Jesus came to reconcile us to each other. He calls us to redress past wrongs and build a new future.

Justice, repentance, the kingdom of God is near. In this season of Advent, we wait.

Are we listening?

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